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Daily School Schedule

Regular Dismissal

7:50AM - 3:15PM

1:30 Dismissal

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Chadron High Homecoming Activities (Sep. 21-25)

Attention, Cardinals! Homecoming is next week! CHS Student Council has worked hard to deliver the best Homecoming experience this year. Don't miss any of the fun festivities taking place from September 21st to the 25th!

Homecoming Kick Off/Burning of the C (Monday, Sept. 21 @ 5:30p)

We are happy to announce that CHS will be holding the “Burning the C” event again! It will take place Monday, September 21st, at 5:30 p.m.. The C will be burned in the high school parking lot. 


Homecoming Dress-Up Days

Cardinal Counseling 5 Bullet Friday - Sept. 18, 2020



The Chadron High School Cardinal Counseling Department is excited to share our 5 Bullet Friday Newsletter for the 2019-20 school year!  Each week we will be providing readers with five facts, tips or tricks to help make the school year a success academically, emotionally, and socially!   

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Be Vigilant In Following Covid Prevention Protocols

Quarantine = 14 days,   Isolation = 10
Dear Cardinal Nation,

I write to remind you of the importance of following the CPS standard operating protocols that were reviewed and approved by the Panhandle Public Health District.

CHS Book Fair Available Online


High School Book Fair dates: Sept. 14, 2020 – Sept. 18, 2020

Shopping hours: 7:40-3:40 in the high school library.

We also invite you to visit our Online Fair at: Our Online Fair is available from September 8 to September 15.

Free Breakfasts and Lunches for all Students!!!

 September 11, 2020

To: Students, Parents, & Guardians
Re: Free Meals

Greetings Chadron Public Schools Parents, Patrons, and Students:

Free Thermometers for Every Student

 Chadron Public Schools qualified to receive free thermometers for our families and staff. The thermometers were purchased through a Nebraska grant using Keno funds. The free thermometers were distributed to CHS students today (9/11/20). Please read the attached documents before using the thermometer.

Do You Know the Standard Response Protocols?

 Chadron Public Schools has been proud to work with the iloveuguys Foundation to provide clear, plain, standard responses to emergency events.  The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) has undergone a couple of changes in the past year.  One is the change from the term "Lockout" to "Secure".  'Lockout' was too similar in sound as 'Lockdown' so the term was switched to maintain a clear understanding of the difference.  The other change is the addition of "Hold", which simply asks students and staff to remain in their rooms during class. 

Homecoming Dance

From Mr. Mack

I thought I would share a little of the discussion regarding hosting a homecoming dance.  I appreciate the maturity and representation that our Student Council members provide, however, I do have concerns for the current idea to move the homecoming dance away from a school sponsored activity. Ultimately, I believe our students should have voice, therefore, I will respect their final decision ...but not without expressing my concerns.

Every CPS Student Will Receive a Free Thermometer

Chadron Public Schools was fortunate to receive a grant to provide every student with a free thermometer!

Cardinal Counseling - 5 Bullet Friday for Sept. 4th



The Chadron High School Cardinal Counseling Department is excited to share our 5 Bullet Friday Newsletter for the 2020-21 school year!  Each week we will be providing readers with five facts, tips or tricks to help make the school year a success academically, emotionally, and socially! 

Free ACT Test Date for All Senior - Sep. 22nd

On Tuesday September 22nd ALL SENIORS will get a chance to make up their FREE ACT exam that they missed this Spring do to Covid-19.  

2021 Yearbooks On Sale Now - Online

CHS is offering a great way to pre-purchase the 2021 yearbook!

Yearbook purchases will be made through  Additionally, a special feature of this program allows parents the option of an installment payment plan.  The price will begin at $60, by September 25th the price will raise to $65, and by late winter, the cost will be $80. 

We don’t order extra yearbooks, so it’s best to pre-order. The sooner you do, the cheaper!

HS Picture Day - Wednesday, Sept. 2nd

Lifetouch will be here on Wednesday, Sept. 2nd for picture day. Information packets for ordering prints can be picked up at the office or go to and enter Picture Day ID: EVT2KDFFT

Activity Prices and Fees

Chadron Public Schools


                Activity Prices

Varsity Admission: Adult                       $5.00

 Junior Varsity Student                    $4.00

 Freshman Senior Citizen         $4.00

Middle School Admission:

Adult                        $4.00

Student                     $3.00

Senior Citizen          $3.00

Cardinal Football Health Guidelines

 2020 Chadron HS/MS Football Health Guidelines   

    Admission: HS Adults $ 5.00 Students/Seniors $ 4.00 

                           MS Adults $ 4.00 Students/Seniors $ 3.00 

  1. Any individual feeling ill or experiencing Covid 19 symptoms should not attend any contest.

  2. We ask that Visiting teams use their protocols for transporting 

to the contest. 

Mr. Mack's Note to Students

CHS Students,

I've had the chance to visit with many of you during chrome book or fall sports meetings, but in case you were not in attendance ... Welcome back to school!!!

I am very anxious for school to start so I can see you all again and we can get back to doing what we do best in Chadron High School ... Educate!

On the first day (Monday, Aug. 17th) I"ll conduct a zoom meeting for all students and staff at 8:45am.  Your teachers will provide the projected presentation.

CoVid-19 Announcement from Supt. Meyer

(8:45p Aug. 15, 2020 Submitted by CPS Superintendent, Ginger Meyer)

Today was an eventful day to say the least.  Our staff and students have been affected by CoVid and quarantines.  For full transparency we now have three high school and one middle school staff member test positive.  We have been commended over and over again that our school is doing great with our plan and procedures.  They have not quarantined anyone for spread in our buildings.  

At-Home Learning Registration & COVID-19 Information


Click here to register: At-Home Learning Program Registration

*Deadline for Registration Enrollment is Friday, August 21st

Information for our new CPS At-Home Learning can be found by clicking the tab on the district website. Also included on the website is a tab to lead you to information for the many procedures and protocols associated with the prevention of COVID-19 at Chadron Public Schools.