Academic Eligibility

Chadron Public Schools is committed to the educational process and puts a priority on the success in the classroom. Students not having a 70% average or above will not be eligible to participate in the activity programs offered by Chadron Public Schools.


  1. The eligibility list is determined on Monday by the Teacher/Activities Director.
  2. Students on the list will be notified and interventions will be put in place.
  • Time before school with instructor.
  • All make-up  work handed in.
  • Student must have raised grades to 70% or above by Monday morning.
  • Students not obtaining 70% or above will be ineligible for the next week.
  • Following one week, student will remain ineligible until raising grade to 70% or above.

    NCAA Eligibility

    Those athletes who are considering participating in NCAA athletics should be aware of the eligibility requirements of the NCAA. Please communicate your intentions with the Counselor and Activities Director to obtain those requirements. Students and parents are urged to pick up a copy of the requirements in the Counelors office. These are the recommened steps.

    1. Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility Center online.
    2. Notify Counselor and Activities Director of registration.
    3. Make sure classes at Chadron High School are accepted by NCAA.

    Athletics and Activities

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