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 Once again some of our youngest Cardinals are proving their worth in the nest!  These students who were selected by their classroom teachers have done an outstanding job of following the Cardinal Way!  They have gone above and beyond the three outlined reminders to 1)Be Safe, 2)Be Respectful, and 3)Be Responsible!  They have set great examples within their classrooms as well as around Chadron Primary School!  We are so proud of the actions of these young students ~ keep up the GREAT work!!

December and January

Chadron Primary School has been buzzing with activities and while we have not publicly recognized our Cardinals of the Month, we have been celebrating their successes here in school!  We want to show our pride in our students for following the Cardinal Way over the past two months and do hope to continue with this recognition.  We are so lucky to have students who are leaders in our building and set wonderful examples of how to treat others.  Congratulations Cardinals of the Month!

Mrs. Cogdill's Class Gets Thoughtful Return on Random Acts of Kindness

 Mrs. Cogdill's class sent notes and messages to our Dawes County Courthouse employees.  Students were so excited to recognize and thank our county workers and Mrs. Cogdill's class got amazing returns on their thoughtfulness.  County employees gathered together and ordered pizza for Mrs. Cogdill's class and then presented the class with a thank you note and money for the students to continue on with Random Acts of Kindness.  Mrs.

Mrs. Dunbar's Class Visits Chadron Public Library for Random Acts of Kindness

 Mrs. Dunbar's class visited the Chadron Public Library for our Random Acts of Kindness.  They were able to share some notes and special messages from the children to the librarians.  The Chadron Public Library staff was so grateful and excited and students were given information about how to sign up for a library card if they did not already have one.

Mrs. Landreth's Class celebrated Random Act of Kindness Day

 Mrs. Landreth's class celebrated Random Act of Kindness Day on Wednesday by coloring pictures and writing a letter for our community postal workers who have continued to be essential during this pandemic time.  We also discussed ways to show kindness to others everyday and practiced "being the I in kind".

Important Announcement

Due to weather, students will be released at the normal time today and encouraged to head home. There will be no after school activities/practices today. We will have a two hour late start tomorrow for grades 5-12 and NO SCHOOl for our K-4 students (Fri. Feb 12th).

District Notice for Subzero Temperatures

 Subzero temperatures are forecasted all week.  Wind chill will be a factor too.  We cannot continue to have late starts each day.  Please make sure that students have appropriate clothing.  Please transport your child to school.  Doors will be open starting at 7:45am for students to enter, please continue to utilize the Chadron Primary School front entrance; we do not want students standing outside in these temperatures.  Our ramp has also become quite slick so please use caution when driving or use Ann street for student drop off.  Please plan accordingly.  

10:00am Late Start (2/8/21)

 Light winds and subzero temperatures will produce hazardous wind chill readings this morning.  For this reason we will have a 10:00am late start.

100th Day of School Celebration

 Mrs. Landreth's class had a lot of fun celebrating the 100th day of school!  Using an app, we aged ourselves to show what we will look like when we are 100 years old.  We counted to 100 by 1's and 10's, wrote about what we want to do by the time we are 100, estimated how full 100 drops of water would fill a jar, and many other fun activities.

Chadron Public Schools

The Nebraska Department of Education is allowing us to give some needed breaks due to CoVid.  We are planning no school for students January 22, February 16, and March 26.  January 22 is our big wrestling meet that normally happens at the College.  This year we cannot use the CSC gym because of CoVid.  We would like to go ahead and have the meet.  This would bring many to our school.  We will use both gyms.  February 16 will extend a break for students.  March 26 is the Quiz Bowl at the Middle Scho

Thank You Dr. Tebbs!!

 Chadron Primary School students and staff enjoyed music performed by Dr. McKay Tebbs from Chadron State College prior to our winter break.  Dr. Tebbs brought his amazing skills and led students and staff in a sing-a-long during each of the three lunch hours.  Students had so much fun with the music during lunch and joined in for the songs Dr. Tebbs had.  Mrs. Schrader and Ms. Uhing also accompanied Dr. Tebbs for a few tunes!  Thank you to Dr. Tebbs!!  Chadron State College and the greater Chadron community are lucky to have your talents and we thank you again!

Thank you Local Businesses

 Chadron Primary School would like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations of gift cards to our staff:  Runza, Domino's, McDonald's, Arby's, China House, Subway, Far West, and Wal-Mart.  We were able to award staff members these fabulous gift cards during some PBIS team building and will continue through the Spring semester as a boost to staff morale.  We are so grateful to have the support from our community and these donations are yet another example of the generosity our businesses and families offer!  Thank you again!

Chadron United Methodist Church Donates to Lunch Balances

 Chadron United Methodist Church donated a check to help pay lunch balances in the district.  This program called "Fuel the Kids" helps pay for students to get seconds on lunch entrees.  While all students are receiving free lunches for the school year, students still have to pay for extra entrees and after school snacks which can be a hardship for families.  This donation will help so many students and we want to thank the thoughtful actions of these kiddos and Chadron United Methodist Church congregation.  Stay well and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Mrs. Dunbar's Kindergarten Class Makes Candy Cane Cookies

As a special treat in Mrs. Dunbar's class today students made candy cane cookies to get into the holiday spirit.  Students learned about recipes and how they work.  They helped to pour the ingredients into the mixer and then watched as Mrs.

Kids Sharing and Caring for Christmas a HUGE Success at Chadron Primary

 Students at Chadron Primary School collected non-perishable food items throughout the month of December.  We are so grateful to all of our families for the donations provided and our local food pantry is thankful for all of the kindness shown.  Our students enjoy taking the bags of food to the Immanuel Lutheran Church every year and this year was no exception.  Once again, thank you so very much to our Chadron Primary School families.

New Drop Off Times

Parents ~ Starting January 7, 2021 our new drop off time will begin at 7:50am & end at 8:10am.  Students arriving after 8:10am will be counted tardy.