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Schedule Changes Due To Weather

No School Today (Oct 4th) Due To Weather

Here's a list of postponements and changes:

No School Oct 4th Due to Blizzard Warning

For text message reminders about high school cancellations and schedule changes,  text to the number:  (412)203-8843  with the message "@chsnote"

I'll be announcing schedule changes regarding the homecoming game and pep rally soon!
~Mr. Mack

Students Attend Theater Day

 On Thursday October 3 students in Mrs. Paopao's performing arts class and members of the one act play team took part in CSC's Theater Day.

Choosing A Career ...

(Submitted by CHS Student Liaison Carolyn Hinrich)

2013 Homecoming Attendants and Royalty

It's Homecoming week at Chadron High School. Class attendants and senior royalty have been announced. Each year, representatives are chosen from each class as Homecoming Attendants. 

Do You Want To Support FFA?

There will be a meeting of the Chadron FFA Alumni this Wednesday, October 2nd at  7 pm at Chadron High School. This  is the first organizational meeting of the FFA Alumni to vote to become an Affiliate as well as pass a constitution and bylaws, and elect the council.

Homecoming Week Activities!

Homecoming week is Sept. 30th through Oct. 5th!
Here's the week's itinerary from the CHS Student Council:

State FFA Range Judging

Lt to Rt: Matt Kerner, Matt Dierksen, Kane WellnitzChadron High School competed in their first FFA State Range Judging yesterday in Genoa, NE.  Congratulations to Matt Dierksen (senior), Matt Kerner (sophomore), and Kane Wellnitz (sophomore) for representing the new Chadron FFA Chapter.

Great Tasting School Food Creates Bell Changes

Cheers erupted in the commons area this morning!

Thanks to the great tasting food of Creative Dining, our school breakfast and lunch contractors, we have finally had to change our scheduled morning break to allow time for as many as 100 students to eat breakfast!  Today, 24 students were served breakfast before school with an additional 75 breakfasts served during a 10-minute morning break.

Tax Modernization - Get On The Bus!

Monday, Sept. 23 from 4-7 pm, Scottsbluff, Harms Tech Center 
The Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee has been charged with finding ways to modernize Nebraska’s tax code, taking into consideration the following elements:  fairness, competitiveness, simplicity and compliance, stability, adequacy, and the interrelationships among tax systems.

Two CHS Students Win Trip to Chicago!

Congratulations to Chadron High School students Sara Tompkins and Maryline Watak! 

Sara and Maryline have won a trip to Chicago through the Upward Bound program! In August, Upward Bound held an essay contest where students in the program were asked to submit an essay of how they could become better leaders. Sara and Maryline were two of seven students chosen for their outstanding essays.

Predicting and Graphing Flight of Planes

In Composite Math class, students did flight tests with the balsa wood gliders, moving the wings, the horizontal stabilizer, and also the vertical stabilizer.  Then using mail labels that were attached to the back of the wings, and both the vertical and horizontal stabilizers, they tried to affect the pattern of the flight.  After a few tosses they made predictions of what each adjustment would do to the glider.

How Strong Is Your Sheet Of Paper?

(Submitted by Ashlee Dodge)

Patriot Day - Sept. 11th

Patriot Day is an annual observance of those who were injured or lost their lives during the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on the United States.

P/T Conferences Include Information About College Opportunities

Chadron High School will be hosting Parent/Teacher Conferences next Thursday, 9/19 from 5:00-8:30p.m.  

In addition to visiting with teachers, parents of juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend a presentation by Seth Hulquist regarding educational opportunities for students at Chadron State College.  

It’s not too soon to start planning for post-secondary education.  Seth will be offering presentations at 5:30 and  6:00 p.m.  Students and parents are welcome to attend!

Ceramics Class 'Throws Pots'

Ceramics Students this fall are getting their first experience at throwing on the electric potters wheel. They are also hand building and sculpting with clay.  Mr. Rod Clause is the Student Teacher in Art this semester.

Advanced Biology Studies Plants

(Article provided by: By: Mikki Hastings and Brittany Garza)
    “There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened? Which do you want to be?” -Steve Backly

Head over heels...heels over head over science? Easter in September?? Here comes “Physical Science Cottontail hopping down the practice field….”

After watching the videos, you may wonder what is going on at 10th & Cedar in Chadron. 
The physical science class is working on a “speed unit”.  They are learning how to calculate speed.  The videos show the activities that they had to complete to calculate their speeds at different types of movement.

Students had to complete the following activities:1.  Hopping over a 5 meter and 10 meter distance.2.  Walking over a 5 meter and 10 meter distance.3.  Speed walking over a 5 meter and 10 meter distance.4.  Walking backward over a 5 meter and 10 meter distance.

Trigonometry Conducts Innovative Thinking Activity

(Submitted by Sydney Blome and Veronica Parish)On Thursday, August 29, Mr. Bradley's trigonometry classes completed their first lab regarding innovative thinking using methods of mathematics and design . Each pair was given a ruler, a roll of scotch tape, scissors, and a  single piece of paper. The challenge of this lab was to find the most ideal design, using only the sheet of paper, to support as many bricks as possible.

Culinary Arts Class Studies Kitchen Sanitation

Culinary arts students are starting the year off with safety and sanitation in the kitchen. These students are engaged in a powder identification activity where they try to identify cooking powders vs. toxic cleaning powders by only look and feel through the bag. The results surprise students and they realize how important it is to identify and label everything in the kitchen.