Third quarter was a busy one in fourth grade.  Students prepared for and took the statewide writing test. Mrs, Swinney talked to them about NASA and helped them build and launch their own rockets.  Mr. Horst had them skyping with a class in Texas.  Flat Stanley, a character from a book by the same name, came to visit.  He belonged to Mrs. Piercy's nephew from Illinois.  He "helped" students take a math test. 
Students began writing their research reports on endangered species.  In math, long division and two place multiplication were introduced.   Everyone took part in the American Legion Essay Contest and wrote essays about how they could show their pride in being an American.  Valentine's Day and Nebraska's 147th birthday were celebrated.
Students now are "fourth and three quarter graders."  This final quarter of the year will be a busy one as we prepare for and take statewide math and reading assessments, spring MAPS, and DIBELS.  Students will also be busy working on various Nebraska activities.  The year will be over before we know it!

Students took part in a candy cane relay.
Flat Stanley came for a visit.
Students launched their rockets and measured how far they traveled.