When will I ever need to know this?  Why do I need to learn Math?  Will I every use this?

Kids ask these questions all the time but now we have a great answer- Ask Your Parents!  

CIS parents have been coming in this month to explain how they use math in their everyday lives.  Students are also learning about different careers.  As an added bonus, the student who is represented by the parent/speaker gets a day off from math!  So far we have heard from an electrician, farmers/ranchers, a restaurant employee, a government worker for the Natural Resources Service.  It has been so much fun!  Thank you to all the parents who have helped to share the importance of math skills.

The Garrett Family explains how they determine the amount of hay to feed their cattle
Students and staff used their estimating skills on the weight of a hog
We use math when we doctor the sick animals
 Sharpen your pencils, you won't be in business long if you can't do the math!

The Brennan's determine how much a job will cost to complete