Mrs. Dickey's ClassroomI got to witness the coolest act of community service on Tuesday. First of all, as many of you know, our community was hit by a terrible early winter storm last weekend. We had even had a snow day last Friday! However, the aftermath left the community looking, as was written on, like a war zone. Trees were ruined from the high winds and from having so many leaves on the trees. The trees at Chadron Intermediate School were not left undamaged. Our fourth graders went out to recess and Mr. Cogdill asked a couple of them to help him move some branches. Our playground was covered in branches from the storm and from loose branches that had to be cut down. Within moments of those first few kids being asked to help out, nearly the entire fourth grade had a large branch being pulled behind them toward the pile. By the end of first recess, they had moved most of the branches to the pile at the corner of the street. They laughed a lot and worked together to pull and carry the extra heavy branches. It was so much fun watching them help out and they felt good knowing that they had saved our wonderful custodians from having to do all of the work themselves. Way to go fourth grade! Give yourselves a pat on the back!