From CHS School Counselor, Loni Watson

I've been answering a lot of the same questions lately so I thought I would post this in case you cannot attend the Financial Aid Program next Thursday night at 6:00p.  
General Questions:  
Is it too early to start applying to college?  - NO start applying now if you have extra time in class or at home!! I always call October my apply to college month so we are trending towards needing to start applications.  There are not many scholarships available so right now is an absolutely WONDERFUL time to apply to college.  Many college applications are FREE (2-year schools, Nebraska State Schools, Wyoming two-year schools, etc.) but some do charge up to $50.  If you are free and reduced make sure to click the button that says fee waiver needed.  Some schools like University of NE and University of South Dakota let you apply to more than one school with your application.  Example:  UNL, UNO and UNK all in one application!
Should I wait to apply until I have a better ACT score?- NO NO NO NO Please apply now don't wait on ACT - those scores can take forever - once you have a better ACT score it will help the college to already have your admissions on file and they can just add the new score or even better yet some colleges may super score for you! Just make sure you pick 4 schools to send your ACT score to for free when you register so you don't have to pay later.  
Do you have to make a new account for every college you apply for?Yes :-)  And this is how schools will notify you if you receive scholarships and even admission!  Many schools are veering away from spending money on postage.  It is your responsibility to check these accounts often for To-Do Lists and deadlines! 
How do I request my High School Transcript to be sent to a college? EASY!  All you have to do is stop in Mrs. Watson's office and fill out a transcript request form or email me from your official school email where you'd like me to send your transcript (FERPA regulates I have your permission to send).  I will make sure it has an official seal and stamp.  
How do I request my Dual Credit College Transcript?
Most colleges use but I want to warn you that it costs money each time you send it.  Pro tip: Print your unofficial transcript off from the college you took classes (you can find this in the GRADES tab on your MYCSC or MYWNCC or other college account) this will work for admissions then later when you choose a school and send an official transcript (HS and College) you only have to pay one time for your college transcript.  There is NO GETTING AROUND THIS you have to send college transcripts before they register you for classes.  
Senior Scholarship FolderIf you haven't saved and STARRED the scholarship folder in your Google Drive do this right now!  This folder is scholarship gold.  It is organized by month of due date.
 2022-2023 Senior Scholarship Folder
Upcoming DatesSept. 13 - College Fair @ CSC 1:45 Permission Slip Required
Sept. 15 - FAFSA / Financial Aid Program w/ Andrew Hunzeker 6p Auditorium Sept. 15 - P/T Conferences 5-8 p.m. HS CommonsSept. 29 - Steps to College Program w/ Dinner (flyer attached)
--Mrs. Loni Watson
9-12 School CounselorChadron High School(308) 432-0725

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