National History Day is an educational program devoted to the learning of history. Last fall, students chose a topic related to the annual theme (“Debate and Diplomacy”). After analyzing and drawing conclusions about their topic's significance in history, they presented their work in an original project. The district contest was held on February 25th at Chadron State College. Chadron Middle School had 9 students who placed at the district contest and qualified for the state contest in Lincoln on April 9, 2022.

Junior Individual Documentary1st place: Josey Werner (7) - Topic: The Use of Animation as Propaganda in WWII
2nd place: Mason Fry (7) - Topic: Joe Lewis' Influence on the Civil Rights Movement
Junior Group Website1st place: Matthew Sorenson (6) & Sam Kahl(6) - Topic: Debate and Diplomacy in the Cuban Missile Crisis
2nd place: Jace PaoPao (8) & Wesley Margetts (8) - Topic: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin and his Effects on the Romanovs
Junior Individual Website1st place: Hannah Sprock (7) - Topic: The Hindenburg Disaster2nd place: Sampson Sprague (6) - Topic: Understanding the Space Race
Junior Individual Exhibit1st Place: Jaelyn Brown (8) - Topic: Jefferson vs. Hamilton: Debate on the National Bank
Congratulations to you all!

Mr. Dressel