Mary Kay Mueller, internationally renowned motivational speaker will share her story and a unique process everyone can use to change their life and becoming more successful.
Don’t miss …. This once in a lifetime opportunity ….  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2013
MARY KAY WILL PRESENT  3 FREE UNIQUE, DIFFERENT AND EXCITING SESSIONS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC                                            SESSION 1:    9:30 – 10:45 A.M.  --- ‘THREE SIMPLE SECRETS TO SUCCESS’                                            SESSION 2:  2:00-4:00 P.M. – ‘8 TO GREAT:   THE POWERFUL PROCESS OF POSITIVE CHANGE’                                            SESSION 3:  7:00 TO 8:30 P.M. – ‘8 TO GREAT:  THE POWERFUL PROCESS OF POSITIVE CHANGE’

Helping Businesses and Educational Institutions Transform Lives Using the Groundbreaking 8 to Great Success Process
MK Mueller International trainer and author MK Mueller began her professional life as a high school teacher when she hit rock bottom and found herself in a domestic violence shelter. From the depths of despair, she experienced life-changing insights as she discovered that we are not victims because the power to effect change is always within us. From this bold foundation, she began a support group with five neighbors which quickly grew to hundreds coming to hear her message each week. Now she trains over 100,000 people each year – from homeless shelter residents to Fortune 500 executives—and is dedicated to the empowerment of our youth, sharing her 8 to Great success curriculum with elementary, middle and high schools.
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