We are excited to Welcome the NPPD makerspace to Chadron.  The Makerspace is set to arrive on November 28, 2016 and we will have it for a few weeks.

There are 11 different stations for students to explore the world of "making" as well as a bunch of resources available to help them get started and give them ideas of what can be built with the equipment "on-hand" and then create their own material.  There are a few stations that we don't have great descriptions for at the moment, but as the stations are set up we will have videos of each station as well as some projects and samples that will be linked at the left.

Each station has also has several project numbers that are part of the station and students can search on NPPD Pathways for that project and a guide will help them get started.

Click here to visit the NPPD Makerspace blog for more details including videos of the stations.