(Submitted by CHS Junior, Moriah Hastings)

 The block two trigonometry class participated in an experiment today dealing with the strongest geometric shape. They were told in class to go home and search the strongest geometric shape. A few days later they started a project of how many bricks a single sheet of paper can hold. They were told they can cut the paper, tape it, or fold it however they would like as long as the figure they made was at least 5 inches off the ground. They were given 20 minutes to construct what figure they would use to test this. After being constructed, they were all tested for the number of bricks they could hold. Some held 1 or 2, while others held 0. The highest amount of bricks in the second block class was 3 bricks. This project was a very good experience for the kids and provided great information for them. A few pictures include individuals making there structure, and others testing the structure to see how many bricks the single sheet of paper can hold.

Mr. Mack