The testing season is upon us. At the high school level, testing is done with multiple exams for every freshman, sophomore, and junior. Seniors have no required tests, although many take ACT tests in final preparation for college.
Freshman and sophomores take a test called, M.A.P. (Measure of Academic Progress) and there are four different exams taken over a two-day period. Exams include: Reading, Language Arts, Math, and Science. Results are mailed home showing historical progress for individual students in these areas from grade 5 through 10.
Juniors take a test called, NeSA (Nebraska State Accountability Test). Again, this test has four separate exams: Writing, Reading, Math, and Science. Each exam has two parts so we test on eight separate dates (one exam per day). Results are reported publicly and used by the State to show proficiency levels of schools and school districts. Results are also used by our staff to identify areas of focus for curriculum adjustments.
Testing Schedule

  • Freshman MAP - Mar 31 & Apr 1
  • Sophomore MAP - Apr 7 & 8
  • Junior NeSA Math - Apr 15 & 16
  • Junior NeSA Reading - Apr 23 & 29
  • Junior NeSA Science - Apr 28 & 29
Mr. Mack