Monday, Sept. 23 from 4-7 pm, Scottsbluff, Harms Tech Center 
The Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee has been charged with finding ways to modernize Nebraska’s tax code, taking into consideration the following elements:  fairness, competitiveness, simplicity and compliance, stability, adequacy, and the interrelationships among tax systems.

Public input is critical to this process!  Get involved! This is your opportunity to let your legislatures know how you feel about our Nebraska tax structure.  Chadron Public Schools is offering a ride to the hearing.  Let us know if you can join us by calling 432-0700 or email: [email protected]


We will load the bus at 1:30 PM at the CPS Central Office (the parking lot on the west side of high school).  Please RSVP to our Central Office if you plan to ride the bus, 432-0700.
Nebraska's Taxes At A Glance
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It is a good idea to prepare written copies of your testimony to distribute to the committee.  This helps you get your message across more effectively by making it easy for senators to refer back to what you’ve said, and also helps to ensure an accurate hearing transcript.  If you do this, bring enough copies for each committee member, plus three extras for support staff. (17 copies for the Tax Modernization Committee)

Be prepared to limit your testimony and try not to repeat testimony offered by previous testifiers.  If you are providing written testimony, you are encouraged to summarize your main points rather than read your written testimony.

Sample written testimony:


Hearing:  Tax Modernization Testimony, Scottsbluff 

I am concerned about………(maximum of three main points recommended).
Supporting evidence…(if you have some supporting facts and references include them and/or  tell your story about how the issue affects you).

Possible solutions……..(provide your idea on solving the problem).

Mr. Mack