On Thursday October 3 students in Mrs. Paopao's performing arts class and members of the one act play team took part in CSC's Theater Day.
     Students were able to take part in a variety of session to learn more about theater.  One of the most popular sessions that the students attended was Bruises on a Budget, where students were able to learn make-up application techniques for bruises, scars, cuts, etc.  Another favorite session was stage combat.  Here students learned to punch, slap, kick, and even sword fight on stage safely.  Some of the students took part in acting techniques courses and learned how to audition.  After lunch students enjoyed CSC's production of their fall play The Underpants.  This hilarious comedy knocked the socks off the students.  After the play students were able to ask questions of the cast and crew and learn how the production was put together.

Mr. Mack