Have you noticed the yard signs that have been appearing throughout Chadron?  Would you be interested in supporting this nonprofit effort to promote cultural respect, civility & acceptance?   
The 2-sided, weather resistant yard signs say Hate Has No Home Here in 7 languages: English, Lakota, Marshallese, Karen (largest refugee population at Job Corps), Amharic (language of Ethiopia), Arabic and Spanish.  They are being sold at-cost, which is $7.50/sign w/ stand or $6.50/sign only.  
Text  Cheryl Welch at (308)432-3519 or email [email protected] for questions or to reserve a sign or two. We have had to place a 2nd order and they should be available by the end of the week. If they arrive soon enough, I will have them with me on Friday. Otherwise, I'm planning to sell/distribute them at the Bean Broker this Sat 11/18 from 10 am - noon.
We are also encouraging individuals to purchase signs for their place of worship, business, school or public places. Donations to help provide yard signs for families who otherwise couldn’t join this effort are also being accepted. Help us show that Chadron is a community which supports DIVERSITY & ACCEPTANCE.
Thank you!

Mr. Mack