Cheers erupted in the commons area this morning!

Thanks to the great tasting food of Creative Dining, our school breakfast and lunch contractors, we have finally had to change our scheduled morning break to allow time for as many as 100 students to eat breakfast!  Today, 24 students were served breakfast before school with an additional 75 breakfasts served during a 10-minute morning break.

At Chadron High School, we've had an increasing number of students eating breakfasts and lunches for several years. This year we have reached such a large number that we have added three minutes onto our morning break to allow students more time to get through the line and actually finish eating. Our students are provided two different times for them to purchase breakfast: before school 7:30-7:55 and again between our two morning blocks at 9:30-9:40.   The 9:30 break has been a 7 minute break for many years, we've been noticing that the increased demand to eat during this break is creating students to be tardy to class as they try to quickly consume a 'grab-and-go' breakfast before class.

We added three minutes by shortening first block by two minutes and lunch by one minute.  First block has always been a couple minutes longer than the remaining three blocks. This adjustment now makes all four regularly scheduled blocks 95 minutes in length.

In addition to adding time to the morning break, this year we also added seating for the lunch crowd.  An extra fold-down table is set up every day before lunch that provides additional seating for 12 students.

A special thanks to our kitchen staff: Sonja Bruhn, Jada Marcy, and Amy Honstein for not only the great food, but for the extra-friendly service!!!   

Mr. Mack