Three Culinary Arts 2 students took part in a daylong session of cooking techniques, learning career options, participated in banquet preparation and menu development. The opportunity came across with an invitation to bring Chadron Culinary 2 students to an newly formed resort/restaurant in Estes Park, CO. Students worked under Executive Chef Jacob Tew and Sous Chef Kristina Olsen, both are chefs at the Latitude 105 Alehouse Restaurant located inside the Ridgeline Hotel Estes Park.
The day began with the students preparing breakfast and lunch, including lessons on poaching eggs and making hollandaise sauce. During a break in the day, the hotel sales manager and executive chef counseled the culinary students on various career opportunities they would have in the hospitality industry. The Ridgeline was also hosting a 55-person banquet that night, so the students assisted with every aspect, from preparation to presentation.

Ending the day on a sweet note, the students worked with the Latitude 105 culinary team to develop the restaurant’s signature milkshake specials for the week ahead.

This was a true experience of a lifetime for these students to spend a day in the professional kitchen and learn more about the world of hospitality. “Working at the Ridgeline Hotel of Estes Park was one of the best experiences of my life” Paige Carratinni said. “Not only is my career choice now fully cemented in the culinary and hospitality field, but the interactions, connections, and memories I made in the kitchen are ones I will never forget.” Paige was joined by classmates Aubree Noble, Lindsay Tobacco and their instructor Brenda Budler.

Paige, Lindsey & Aubree

Mr. Mack