Next Thursday, November 7th many area businesses will participate in the Chadron Business and Industry Day. This is the first year for Chadron to host high school students as they explore local industries for career interest and job opportunities.
Business and Industry Day is sponsored by the Chadron Chamber of Commerce, Chadron State College, Nebraska Business Development Center, and the Nebraska Workforce Department.  Area high school juniors and seniors have been invited to participate. Students will be welcomed and given a brief orientation on the CSC campus before choosing to ride a bus to two of four career tracks.
What students can expect from the business and industry tour hosts:

  • Provide hands-on, interactive activities when sharing information about their business and field.
  • Highlight the education, skills, and post-secondary requirements needed.
  • Focus on job and career opportunities and the future of their industry.
  • Introduce any employees who might be able to give a "new to the field" perspective on the job or on any education or training they might have just completed to qualify them for the job.
  • Inform student participants who may already be qualified to work or point out which positions students might obtain which require a High School Diploma or equivalent.

Four career tracks will be the focus of this year’s event:Track 1: Environmental & Agricultural Systems/Rangeland Management – Natural Resources District (NRD) – Upper Niobrara District, Nebraska Game and Parks, Nebraska National Forest, and the Department of Environmental Quality
Track 2: Human Services & Resources – Chadron Police Dept./Dispatch and the Department of Health & Human Services
Track 3: Business Marketing & Management – Cowgirl Swank and FALCO
Track 4: Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering Systems – Wahlstrom Ford, Nebraska Public Power District and Bauerkemper’s

Mr. Mack