Bird Feeders
Ever wonder how to attract birds to your back yard?  The wildlife science class during their bird unit designed an experiment to determine just that.  The class created five types of feeders to be tested.

  1. Bagel covered in peanut butter/shortening with fruits,nuts and an assorted seed mixture
  2. Cardboard tube with wooden sticks (each group decided which type of seed)
  3. Cheerios and grapes on a craft wire
  4. (3) different colored mesh (onion) bags enclosing store bought suet & seeds
  5. Bagel covered in peanut butter/shortening using ONLY a wild seed mixture

Students made predictions as to which feeder they thought would be the most popular.  Students are conducting observations and recording their findings. Each group will analyze the data, create a graph using an IPAD app, while comparing and contrasting the data from other groups.  

Mr. Mack