Congratulations to Hayden Byrd for her 1st Place in the State Americanism Essay Writing Contest!

The annual essay contest is designed to promote the spirit of Americanism and patriotism among our country’s youth. Hayden's essay is shared below. What can I personally do to promote Americanism in my school and community?
I personally promise to continue to be an American. My sister is in the Army. She isstationed in Tennessee at Fort Campbell. She is responsible for small arms at Fort Campbell.When I visited there, I saw tanks, and I got to ride in one. I also saw physical training on theroad; physical training just so you know is hard. I attended Harley’s graduation from BasicTraining. I made a small quilt. I attempted to make a pillow, but it was a disaster. I’m stillcleaning up the stuffing!
When I see a veteran, I say, “Hi, I’m Hayden. Thank you for serving our country.”Sometimes they say, “You made my day!”
My grandfather was a veteran from Vietnam. He died in 2017 from agent orange (that is a chemical that was sprayed in the jungles). America sprayed the chemical, so they could seethe jungle floor. We hurt many of our own soldiers, but we didn’t know it was poisonous. Wehave a display case with Grandpa’s flag and medals. He also gave me his uniform.
I just read last week about the government and the three branches. There is the executive branch led by our Commander in Chief, President Donald Trump. In my school, we say the Pledge of Allegiance by the flagpole every morning. That makes me proud to go to school and a proud American.
Hayden Byrd

First place winner of local American Legion essay contest
First place winner of state American Legion essay contest