(Submitted by CHS Junior, Peyton Beaver)In Advanced Biology we are learning about amphibians. On Thursday, November 9th we completed a frog dissection. This dissection allowed the students to get a better understanding of the frog's anatomy.
In this dissection the students had to locate and remove certain body parts in the frog such as the liver, heart, lungs, gall bladder, and fat bodies which are spaghetti shaped structures. The first step in this dissection was to measure the frog and then compare that measurement to the rest of the class to get an average, our class average was 16.02 centimeters. The first cut we made was through the abdominal muscles when we made a large incision on the ventral side, the underside of the frog, if the frog was a girl there were hundreds of small black eggs lining her stomach. After removing the eggs from the female frogs the organs were then visible.
Some interesting facts about a frog that people don’t know are their tongue connects to the front of their mouth, they do have teeth, and also they have eardrums on the outside of their head just a little bit behind their eyes. By locating and removing the organs, the students learned where the internal organs are in relation to each other.

Mr. Mack