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Daily School Schedule

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Mr. Jerry Mack
High School Principal

Ceramics Class 'Throws Pots'

Ceramics Students this fall are getting their first experience at throwing on the electric potters wheel. They are also hand building and sculpting with clay.  Mr. Rod Clause is the Student Teacher in Art this semester.

Advanced Biology Studies Plants

(Article provided by: By: Mikki Hastings and Brittany Garza)
    “There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened? Which do you want to be?” -Steve Backly

Head over heels...heels over head over science? Easter in September?? Here comes “Physical Science Cottontail hopping down the practice field….”

After watching the videos, you may wonder what is going on at 10th & Cedar in Chadron. 
The physical science class is working on a “speed unit”.  They are learning how to calculate speed.  The videos show the activities that they had to complete to calculate their speeds at different types of movement.

Students had to complete the following activities:1.  Hopping over a 5 meter and 10 meter distance.2.  Walking over a 5 meter and 10 meter distance.3.  Speed walking over a 5 meter and 10 meter distance.4.  Walking backward over a 5 meter and 10 meter distance.

Trigonometry Conducts Innovative Thinking Activity

(Submitted by Sydney Blome and Veronica Parish)On Thursday, August 29, Mr. Bradley's trigonometry classes completed their first lab regarding innovative thinking using methods of mathematics and design . Each pair was given a ruler, a roll of scotch tape, scissors, and a  single piece of paper. The challenge of this lab was to find the most ideal design, using only the sheet of paper, to support as many bricks as possible.

Culinary Arts Class Studies Kitchen Sanitation

Culinary arts students are starting the year off with safety and sanitation in the kitchen. These students are engaged in a powder identification activity where they try to identify cooking powders vs. toxic cleaning powders by only look and feel through the bag. The results surprise students and they realize how important it is to identify and label everything in the kitchen.

Are You Interested In Supporting Chadron's FFA?

To support the new chartering of the Chadron High School FFA chapter, please attend our FFA Alumni organizational meeting.

Wednesday, September 117:00pm @ Chadron High SchoolRoom #209

More Outstanding Test Scores for CHS!

A quick summary of the 2013 NeSA Results for Chadron High School

  • Chadron High School maintained the high level of excellence in all four subjects similar to last year to be one of the leading schools in the state for test scores.
  • Nebraska increased the percentage of students meeting or exceeding the standards in all four subject areas as compared to last year.

Picture Day - Sep 4th

Chadron High SchoolPicture Day
Wednesday, September 4th

Students will soon be able to pick up a packet with ordering and price information at the office.

CHS Matches Highest ACT Average In Years!

I've had the chance to look at the ACT scores of our 2013 graduates which was recently released. I probably should not say that I was surprised ... but I was surprised when I saw our highest ACT Composite average in many years!

CHS Open House - Tuesday, Aug 20th

Please join us:
Tuesday, August 20th
For all CHS families to come meet our staff and tour our school.

Student iPad Resources

sIn our efforts to streamline our communication as well as collaborate and share with each other, the apps listed below are chosen to help you in your classes/studies.

First Day of School Schedule!

Here's a quick review of the high school schedule for our first day of school.

Thursday, August 15

  • 7:55 - 8:30   General Assembly for all Students in Auditorium
  • 8:30 - 9:30   Block 1
    • 8:30 - 8:58  1A
    • 9:03 - 9:30  1B
  • 9:35 - 10:35  Block 2
  • 10:40 - 11:40  Block 3
  • 11:40 - 12:20  Lunch
  • 12:20 - 1:30   Block 4

Friday, August 16

Orientation/iPad Deployment Dates and Times

High School Orientation/iPad Deployment

Are iPads Saving Dollars?

I was recently asked why Chadron High School still ordered textbooks for a couple of classes since we have iPads available for students. I thought I'd take the time in this article to respond for the public.

Senior Exit Survey Shows Students Very Pleased!

At the end of each school year, Chadron High School contracts with LifeTrack Services, Inc. to conduct a non-biased senior exit survey. We just received the results for the graduating class of 2013. 54 seniors responded to the survey this year. I've included my notes in comparing these results to the past couple of years. Thank you to all of our seniors for providing this important information which helps provide focus for our efforts for continuous improvement of our school.

Renovations for HS Media Center Underway!

One of this summer's projects in the high school is to update our library into a more modern media center. We have recently added opportunities for students to utilize online research tools as well as ebook subscriptions. We hope to have an expanded list of books for students to download and view on ereaders as soon as this fall. In addition to these offerings, we will do some remodeling.

FFA Officers Attend Leadership Conference

(Submitted by Chadron FFA Officers)
During May 16-18th, the newly formed Chadron FFA Chapter officer's of 2013-2014 traveled east to Aurora, Nebraska.  Prior to the trip we were fortunate with numerous community supporters in fundraising dollars to help support our newly formed FFA organization. With high hopes in returning with new knowledge and skills in getting our program up and running we were pleased with the outcome. 

Year-End Barbecue!

The CHS grill, made by our welding classes.Once again, we celebrated the end of a great school year with a community barbecue.  Students from each school, parents, and patrons all showed up to enjoy hamburgers, hotdogs, and plenty of snacks!

Anatomy and Physiology Class Visits Veterinary Clinic

(Submitted by CHS Junior, Miles Chasek)