Students: Get your rest, and eat a good breakfast for the first day back from break!

The first day back from Easter break is the state-wide ACT paper & pencil test for all juniors as part of the new state accountability assessments.  We realize that the first day back from a four-day break was not the best choice by the state for a testing day, but every other high school deals with the same issue.

In addition to our juniors completing the ACT test, all sophomores and freshman will also be testing on the same day. All sophomores will take a practice ACT which will provide a scoring and teaching opportunity for upcoming testing. All freshman will complete the yearly NWEA/MAP testing.

Seniors will spend the majority of the day with guest speakers sharing insight and information to a variety of transitional topics for students after high school. Speakers and topics include:

Jason Carnahan - Security First Bank -Loans, Interest, Accounts, Reading Financial Paperwork
Bob Ferguson - Ferguson Rentals LLC -Trustworthy Renter/Rentee, Rental Agreements, Troubleshooting Difficult Situations
Jon Daniels - Gregory’s Insurance -Insurance Needs and Costs, Reading Paperwork, TroubleShooting Situations
Nichole Pourier - Nurse Practitioner at Chadron Hospital
-Dark Side of Post Secondary Transition: Drugs, Alcohol, STD’s, Depression
We want to thank these members of our community for taking the time to visit with our seniors!
As you can see ...It IS a Big Deal Day!

Mr. Mack