Spring Talent Show 2018May 17th @ 12:45CIS GymSUBJECT TO CHANGE1Shawn Tebbs (3O)Piano:  The Fly’s Adventure2Lillie Uhing (3O)Guitar:  Free Fallin3Jace Paopao (4A)Humorous Prose4Mason Frye (3H)Carson Long (3H)E.J. Hudson (3H)Zaine Feist (3H)Jokes5Anderson’s ClassJuggling Act6Toby Tebbs (4G)Guitar - Wipe Out7Christine AmbrosePoem:  If I Were the Principal8Emmerson Landreth (3H)Piano:  Hot Buttered Popcorn9Adday Tewahade (3H)Sing:  Castle On A Cloud10Motz’s ClassRecorders11Lillian Johndreau (3H)Kylie Mattmiller(3H0Piano - Raiders of the Lost ArkSing - When You Grow Up12Alex Rasmussen (3W)Guitar:  My Dog Wears a TutuSing:  The Show by: Linka13Tobin Landen (3H)Sing:  Revolution of Love14Mrs. Hoffman’s classMoose Song15Hannah Sprock (3O)Allison Taylor (3O)Adday Tewahade (3H)Skit:  Carl and Barb16Hannah Sprock (3O)Drums:  Fishing in the Dark17Melissa Pfeffer (3O) Josselyn Mousseau (3O)Sing:  7 yearsBy:  Lucas Gram18Josselyn Mousseau(3O)Sing - Girl On Fireby:  Alecia Keys19Mrs.Olson’s ClassDance Battle: Happy20Tatianna Obando (3O)Cheyenne Stoker (4G)Dance:  Whip and Nae Nae21Sara Carrick (3H)Dance:  Now or Never23Draegan LeonardMaking Monsters Out of Anything24Kilee Wild (3O)Melissa PfefferTatianna O’BandoDelaney JenningsSing:  Fight SongDance :  By Delaney26Allison Taylor (3O)Sing & Dance:  In Colors27Tatianna Obando (3O)Violin:  The Wabash Cannonball28Josey Werner (3O)Kylie Mattmiller (3H)Piano - I Just Can’t Wait to be KingSing: I Just Can’t Wait to be King29Tristan Herbert (3O)Piano:  Wild Appaloosa 30Gillian Conway (4G)Hayden ByrdPiano:  Classic DanceDancing : Classic Dance31Jack O’Brian (3W)Quarter Magic Trick32Tayven Jenkins (4A)Piano:  La Serenata33Cali Hendrickson (3A)Brooklyn HoffmanBeau BehrendsSing:  I Won’t Give UpBy:  Jason Mraz34Vrasai Sayaloune (3A)Sing:  I Don’t Know My NameBy Grace Vanderwaal36Issiah Lindsey (3G)Beat Boxing37 Symphanie Furtwangler (3H)Sing: The Rainbow(her own song)38Piper Scherbarth (3O)Sing:  The Candy StoryBy:  Jojo39 Jaelyn Brown (4A)Sing:  God Bless the USABy:  Lee Greenwood40Beau Behrends (4A)Piano:  Distant Bells41Mrs. Whidby’s ClassFifty Nifty Song (no music)42Kael Bennett (3W)Piano & Sing:  Sound of Silence43Jaelyn Brown (4A)Gillian Conway (4G)Dance:  RideBy:  Kids Bop44Keegan Coupens (4G)Sing - “Thunder”Mom has the music45Keya Hand (4M)
Sammi BrodrickSing - “Baby Shark Song”48Draegan Leonard (3W) Brandon Rising (3H)Comedy Jokes49Josie Patras (3H)Song:  Supermarket Flowers50Chelsea Stephens (4M)Piano: Riding My Pony51Tatiana Abdelgabar (3W)Sing:  You are my Sunshine52Jacob Winckler (4M)Magic Tricks (Real Magic)53Annica Vargas (3H)I Can Only Imagine  54Teacher Trotters Harlem Globetrotters songSweet Georgia Brown