This message is being sent to all school lunch programs (NSLP), school breakfast programs (SBP), and milk programs (SMP) to inform all programs on the continuing impact of the Government shutdown.  Nutrition Services believes communication is essential for our programs and will continue to provide updates on the impact of the shutdown.
The purpose of this message is to inform you of the status of funding for reimbursement of claims should the Government shutdown continue beyond the month of October.
The Nebraska Department of Education – Nutrition Services currently does not have sufficient resources to fund reimbursement for claims for any meals served in October; and, future months should the Government shutdown continue beyond the end of October.
USDA has indicated retroactive funding will be made available once the shutdown is resolved; however, at this time NDE-Nutrition Services does not know when that will occur.
This email update on the impact of the Government shutdown is intended to provide information to help you plan so that you can continue to feed your students.  We all hope the shutdown will be resolved soon.
I will continue to communicate with you as more updates are received from USDA.
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USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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